TRUMOFO unleash da ORAGE (vid)


Tru, gonna rec Diz in a month along wiz otha mofoz


Damn that was legitly UNLEASHED. Respect.


Da Pimp would’ve been proud! Respect, homie! :pimp:


I gotta work on Diz mofo every fuckin day for da next month, need to break in this new HO :ho:
Really need to make a decent vid.

Randomly, this is a pretty MOFO song 8)
Pozz diz piece is at its best when it is played as part of da whole Pimp Suisse cycle. Pretty mofo!

Da BUZ used to program da whole fuckin Annees, one book at a time.

Busoni: 8======================D


Haha dayum, you killin’ it!!


very impressive!


I’ll pozt da official verzion after da rec sezzion on March 3 tru.
I’ll have another reincarnation ov da TE 8 and maybe not play it like complete non-asian sopping wet puzzy thiz one time. 8)


nice work!


I hope you matched the ultimate perf and slam fisted the keys.


Dat will cum in a LIVE rectal pozz.

I plan to play it in a private piano salon type event, hopefully da piano is not too good because it will get RAPED. 8)




note da random HEADBANGIN nature of da LH OCT theme, diz TRUMOFO interp bazically a nu ztandard :sunglasses:

AHAHAHAHAHA alzo note da well-balanced zemi-chilled pozture dezpite furiouz hand mvmtz, da TRUMOFO exertin hiz dominance ovah diz zong lyk a giant octopuzz ovah a jap chick, REZPEC 8)



daim, da zepp review style juz makes any NYT classical review juz completely sheeyat

Da zepp Zhud zpecify whetha da Oktopuzz in queztion iz a giant anihmated pink one or a real live acquatic mofo.


I presume da zepp envisioned zumthing like Diz

Note dat out ov all da sea creatures dat da Japz can loads of fun with,
Da OCTopuz iz ideally suited fo octz. 8)


Of course da Orage wiz da greatest artistic value is still Diz one:

Damn! Now that is fury, tru 8)



mannnnnnn dat level of FURY make da zepp 10/1 look lyk a fuckin zart zon 8)


Da ending smack reminiscent of Hofmann’s full fury 8)
Dey had to get da 88 rebuilt after dat rampage.

Da zepp shud unleash da 10/1 in octs next 8)



tru :whale:




I is bringing diz mofo back for da Paderewski comp unleash in May


One year latah. Diz zong had tym to marinate n

I bettah dominate da hardest sects!



Can we add dis to da emoji list?