Which pianist would be the best guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast?


Who would provide the most entertaining & interesting chat among living pianists?


obviously da POGO.

or da TM


Yuja W.

Or Zimerman, since they’d undoubtedly get in to a wrangle half way through when Zim discovers he’s been recorded.


YUJA can finally reveals it’s birth gender.


YW would probably fit into his style best.



Dey cud get into a big argument n finish da podcazt

UFC ztylee :sunglasses:


Datz rite!


hahahha mah firzt thought wuz tha ZIM az well randomly :lib:






Fucking hilarious episode :dong::whale:


Dat mofo iz eitha da moz INZANE MOFO on da planet


Da ONLY ZANE mofo on da planet :dong:


Pozzibly both :girth:


On Rogan? Maybe like a Byron Janis? His life and arthritis struggle would be a nice narrative thread, he believes in ghosts! and was banging a movie stars daughter and dipped into old Wanda T ho wuhhh!


Maybe we need juz a Joe Hogan tjread. Joe and Tim pool versus them fucking dishonest faggots from Twitter was pretty entertaing yesterday imo


Also I can’t help but rezpec Joe’s game. Waking up to diz depate (at like noon of course) I wuz like daaaayyuummmmm


You guys iz boring sometimes. I vil make dasdc tweeter account is