whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


The ironic thing is that through the course of this show, the “hero” (at least in my estimation) is NOT Don Draper, but a woman. Very curious to see how they handle this upcoming season.
Frankly, the violence on the Sopranos was often a turn-off for me, but I still watched it because of the acting, writing, etc. I realize that a lot of the violence was plot/character driven, but it still was the least enjoyable aspect of the show for me (unlike I suspect quite a few people who relished the violence).


Homeland is quite good. Has anyone watched it?


tru i iz up to date on homeland

excited fo tonightz ep :gav:


I dunno if I’d call Sally Draper a “woman” quite yet Koji, but by gawd she’s turning into one in front of my very eyes! :wink:


I wasn’t referring to Sally, but your point stands, heh.


Fat Betty? :dong:


haha shit i need to get rid of my life and watch more series cuz damn last thing i watched was lost tru 8)


Yah, I feel the same.
There are also heaps of unwatched films sitting in my DVD shelf, not to mention all the Furtwangler, Klemperer, Harnoncourt etc to get through.


mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn boardwalk emp zeazon finale next week iz gonna be inzane :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

tru 5 whalez


haha randomly da new seazon of DEXTER iz pretty awesome
(although it waznt very hard to get better aftah da lazt few seazonz tru)



I’m probably more excited for this ep than any ep/entire movie ever.


holy fuucucckkk that shit was epic. best episode of any tv sheeyat i’ve ever seen



hahahhahah TRU really well done :gold:

and therz gon be a zeazon 4 8)


I’ve started watching homeland. It’s a bit ‘fuck yeah America’ for my taste but good acting from Claire Danes.


Yeah it is extremely “fuck yeah america”, but I still like it because the series is quite entertaining.

I mean the way in wich the “arabs” speach as good arabic as I speak chinese is quite sad actually. Also the Beirut-episode wich is taped in Israel, and wich portrays Beirut as Somalia is pretty bad. And all arabs/muslims are always bad people, also pretty sad.

But still, I like it 8)


hahahaha im randomly ztartin to hate homeland moztly becuz of claire danez acting 8)
but evn mo tha fuckin daughter iz pozz tha moz annoying actor i haff ever watched, maybe the zon alzo :doc:

tha znl zkit pretty much zummd my beefz wit tha zhow

tha wyf iz hot tho


hahahaha thiz iz awezome though


:whale: :gav:


haha pozz she getz more annoying as tha series progresses, at the moment I like her moxie. 8)

But tru, I’ve liked Claire Danes since I saw Romeo and Juliet when I was lyk 11.

And agreed, wuldbangwyf/10.


Might sound silly, but I watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (debut 2 months ago), and to my surprise, it is very well done.

Being a hardcore TMNT fan, I have been quite thoroughly disappointed with the recent incarnations of the franchaise (since the 3rd movie, to the 2003 series and 2007 movie). So I didn’t have much high hope for it.

Watched the first 2 episodes and surprised how well it captured the spirit of the original series, of course there are things that’s different (April is a teenager, but she was a damsel in distress, and that cliche have been played up too much. I am glad they made her an active character now.)
There are a lot of homage to the original series and 80s sci-fi and monster movies. Obviously it is not the 1987 series, it is a bit darker than that, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously like the 2003 one (Peter Laird had creative control of that one, he made the series according to his original vision of the violent indie comic. In a sense, the tone of that one is similar to Batman’s animated series but let’s face it, TMNT never had the dark tone as Batman.) Yet it puts more effort into character development than the original series (as much as I like the original series, the sole character trait of the turtle is captured by that one line in the theme song and the color of their masks).

Of course there are things I don’t like, like, why is Splinter so fucking tall? His small statue gave contrast to his hidden power and wisdom. Now he is like a human size rat. Also, the theme is still a pale comparison of the original one, but at least they kept the hook in. (the 2003 theme is ghastly)

All in all, very impressed with it, highly recommended. If you are fan of the old series, give it a chance.

Oh also, fuck Michael Bay.


I’ve decided to bench Homeland in favour of Boardwalk Empire.
Tru, da brew randomly late to diz party. :gav: