whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


fucking GoT wasn’t broadcast, so ghey. :comme:


hahaha toronto politicz lookz more thrilling 8)


hahahah tiz tru 8)


hahah fuck da ROBAH :got: 8)


hahahaha mannnnnnnn

i haven’t read tha zheeyatz zo that ending wuz a bit FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



everyone’s going crazy about GOT

i need to start watching that shit tru 8)


twuz a heartztoppah :stop:


tru anima ztart watchin but dun google zheeyat about it

cuz autozuggezt vil almozt fo zho zpoil zumthin; it alwayz doez :rectum:


last GoT made me shit blood


I’ve read the books and this was the ep I’d been waiting for. I thought it was pretty wikid. Although this is one instance where you miss the characters internal monologue.


OH man now it being pushed back a whole week waz ALL worth it… DAAAYYYUMMM what a conclusion…


Another season of GoT gone… and another 10 months till the next!
Sigh… now what am I supposed to watch?

Btw thought this scene was pretty bad-ass (and nice that they got the coin drop in there)



A bit :stop: but nu arrezted develop quite genzui tru




bezt zheeyat on tv ryt now :stop: :stop: :stop:


orange iz tha nu zheeyat iz zum of tha bezt drama on tv ryt now fo zho


I’ve finally caught up on Arrow - tru is ‘Batman lite’, but the island story is intriguing.
When I say catch up, I mean to the TV airing which is half way through season 1.


hahaha man, no offence but you watch a lot of TV! :dong:


tiz tru :dong:


Da new Dexter seazon not bad so far


haha fuckkkkkk