whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


haha tru i can zee dat

but tiz full of inzane genzui


hahaha tru thiz pozt from a yr ago :gav:

neway tru, tha lizt zo far of gud 2014 zheeyat:
tha bezt:

co-numbah 1 by a big margin : tru dick n hannibal zeazon 2

numbah 2 tiz game of thronez (probably zhud be numbah 1)

notabl mention: fargo n that’z about it
tha worzt:

orang iz tha nu :brotha: zeazon 1 wuz very gud n zeazon 2 iz abzolut zheeyat imo 8)

n finally tha abzolut zo terribl tiz actually quite cg n worth watchin iz: undah tha dome 8) :dong:

[color=olive]nu zheeyat that juz ztartd:

tru thiz nu HBO zhow tha leftovahz i am enjoyin otha than tha generic m*zic and random ZHERBERT d959 entry in tha pilot 8)
it’z about bleaknezz and hopelezznezz :cry: :arrow_right:


There’s a tv show called fargo?
Does it have any sheeyat to do with the coen brothers’ movie?
I havent watched any new shows this year, randomly can’t be bothered to grt invested. :doc:


doeznt really haff ne zheeyat to do wit tha movie

one zmall zide plot it (zmall not important ZPOILAH cummah) one mofo findz tha money zteve buzcemi bureiz in tha znow in tha movie

but tha actual zhow iz about different zheeyat wit random referencez but nothing directly relatd

tiz pretty gud :rock:


I zumwat enjoyed zillicon valley (mini 8 epz zheeyat)

zum entourage potential… but wiz lezz boobz :cry:


tha leftovahz not bad

itz juz zo hopelezz n deprezzing

but fairly gud :gav:

robbah recommended :gav:


Haha I’ve been watching the first season of pokemon. 8)
Hadn’t watched it since 99, brings back memories. :rectum:


just finizhed true dick in 2 days

probably one of the best sheeyats ive ever seen


I iz currently watchin re runs of Family Matters. Daim Carl and da Urkel crack me up!


dayum da noztalgiasheeyat


haha I’m on Pokemon johto now. 8)


Tru, it’s a little less sappy than Full House, though that did have the Lori Loughlin hotness factor.


tru dat, she was hot as.
Still remember her in that episode of Seinfeld.


I remember being hellz excited watching that car movie she did with da sex szene only to find out juz recently she used a body double! (There’s no boobs anyway so I dun see what the deal was)



tha BOJACK HORZEMOFO :gav: :gav: :gav: :dong: :gav: :dong: :doc:


Hahhaha tru I recently ztumbld across bo jack too


hahaha tha ‘bettah call zaul’ primo wuz rezpectabl :lib:


I’m on the wonder years now memories


^yup, Full Houze for me.
I have a disturbing adorable crush on Steph.


ahaha 2nd ep wikid :orgy: