Zimerman in Amsterdam Next Week!

Is this really happening???


dayum, da marathon
guezz he’s gotta release all dat pent up quarantine energy

Wait zo he gonna juz play :nigga: zongz ovah n ovah.

Iz there social diztiances?

The maximum capacity of The Concertgebouw was 350 visitors under the ‘old’ measures (valid until Wednesday 30 September). For concerts up to and including October 19 for which more than 250 tickets have been sold, we will have to disappoint a number of ticket buyers. The selection is made based on the purchase date of the cards. Ticket buyers who are unable to attend the concert will be notified by e-mail and / or telephone as soon as possible.

From Tuesday 29 September 2020, we request that you wear a mouth mask when entering and exiting The Concertgebouw, or when you move through the building. No face masks are available in the Concertgebouw. It is important that you bring your own.