100 Most Difficult Piano Pieces (up to 1920) It's live!

Been working on this for the past few weeks

Not really accurate and too subjective but contains some wicked rep


this video is pretty sick!

Also respek the insane work involved!


Thanks! All the other “top x hardest pieces” on the tube are pretty shit

So I had to step up and do something about it



zum queztionable entriez fo zhor but ovahall a HILY LEGENDARY cumpendium :sunglasses:


i didn’t know that set of Schumann vars at all!


Awezome vid!

one fo TRU 88 nerdz and not juz cazual twozet mofoz :gav:

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U shud akz da robbah fo da rights to pozt dat vid of :rocky: zon 1 (it’s juz da beginning)

Dat might work well in yo mashup and gensui video

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How on earth have you not got some kind of copyright warning?

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Iz he not juz playing all of diz hizzelf :doc:


I have gotten about 10-15 copyright strikes already but I’m not monetizing the video so it’s ok

Its a genzui early set by Schumann but missing a finale so not played very often. Kat has a great rec of it though

Some of the material eventually found its way to the Symphonic Etudes

The Schumann 3rd sonat surprisingly gross to play I hadn’t seen the score before. Can believe ho learned this while tripping balls in the 70s on brittle old guy hands.

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Horowitz said he ruined the piece and that he was crazy for trying it

Mildly true after hearing pollini glide through it!

Bavouzet playz da HO ‘arrangement’ :ho:

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Pollini is great in Shoe

Glemser has best 3rd zon tho i think

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Tru da AZHIZH connoizzeur pickz :gav:

@dachoo42 This is such amazing creation!!

One million dollar question - which pianist played most of these works (I don’t count things like Clementi or Czerny Toccata, which are not regular concert repertoire). I don’t know the answer, but maybe Idil Biret or Ashkenazy :smiley:

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Does anyone want to do one for 1921-2020?

Biret for the Liszt but definitely Doc played the most out of these works in general

Easy. 30 spots for Sorabji, then the rest divided for Xenakis, Boulez, Stockhausen, Ligeti, Finnissy, Rzewski, Richard Barrett, blah blah blah

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