100+ postings

I do not understand why there should be a difference between members and 100+ members., and what are the criteria to choose the 100+ category.

I think there should be only one member privilege to share what we we have to share with all members.

It’s to prevent people from registering just to leech off the server, otherwise people would join - never make a single post.

I guess it’s an incentive for members to contribute so that they can get the “rare” stuff.

If we took away all restrictions you’d quickly realize people DON’T share. Not that the restrictions do much to help that… Look at jsamuels. He said his 100 thanks and now he lurks and leeches. It’s not a great system, but it’s better than when people sign up and leech without ever posting a thing. And honestly, it’s not even about sharing for me. It’s about contributing. There are plenty of members here who rarely share any recs, but they engage in discussions and that is a big part of what makes this community great, in my opinion.

Amen. When you acquire a large enough collection, you don’t actively seak out that many recs, but the joy is sharing them with others and discussing them.


Rezpek. :rectum:

True and agreed and respected.

Cracker couldn’t survive in da hood.

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