1000 nmp - pozzible?

discuss - :stop:

1000 notes per minute?

if one can do a 35 note scale in 1 second (rudenko’s nutcracker), then one could do that mirrored, hitting 70 notes per second.

70x60 (60 seconds in a minute)= 4200

obviously it’s possible, but most pianists would get fatigued.

But why?

cuz diz iz impohtant… speed , remember?

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wut im talkin about is 1000 nmp wid one hand (and not just da same 5 notes over n over it would have to involve a range of at least an octave or two throughout)

anywy diz iz akin to 16.6 nps (for reference da CLV is 16)

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you can randomly repeat a lot of glissandos like mad. I did 3300 npm :whale:

you fuckin retard. how the FUCK am i supposed to know you mean “playing with one hand” from that. who da fuck are you to talk to me like dat? fuck off.

and obviously, you idiot, if we just undid the mirror (35nps) that still fits in. and just incase you dont know, scales go all over da piano.

quote from lubomyr’s site:

"and indeed, Melnyk’s technique in performing these works is simply amazing! He is regarded as THE fastest pianist in the world ---- able to sustain speeds of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand simultaneously ! "

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tha :comme: could attain theze speedz pozzibly :kan:

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True… But speed without a purpose is like rushing to go somewhere without knowing where you’re going…


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the MOST NUMBER of NOTES in ONE HOUR — in exactly 60 minutes, Melnyk sustained an average speed of over 13 notes per second in each hand, yielding a remarkable total of 93,650 INDIVIDUAL notes.

From: “Lubomyr Melnyk” lubomyrmelnyk@hotmail.com

Hello … yes, or course … my own speeds are higher than that .

From: “alex”
To: lubomyrmelnyk@hotmail.com
Subject: fastest pianist
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 06:48:34 +0100

as the fastest pianist, do you think 1000 note per minute (using only one
hand) is reachable?

From: “Lubomyr Melnyk” lubomyrmelnyk@hotmail.com

I can play them even faster.

From: “Andrei Gavrilov” Gav_114@yahoomail.com
To: lubomyrmelnyk@hotmail.com
Subject: Hi
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2005 09:49:11 +0400

I’m sorry to comunicate you that i actually can play 4000 npm
you may check anytime my recordings of the Chopin Etudes
as evidence of my speed. They’re available on amazon at:

Best Regards
A. Gavrilov

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