14 year old YUJA unleash da FF n 10/2 TRU TRU COMBO

2001 rec!!!



Rocket 39-1

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This is incredible to the point where I wonder if it’s real? Of course coming straight off Tyson this sounds like an ogre trying to smash a boulder open with a fridge, but a Feux Follets played like this by a 12 year old???

It’s 2001, so she was 14 years old here - quite amazing but not impossible, I have heard more Chinese children play on a technically very advanced level. :wink:


if u watch da early YUJA VIDZ

u vil realize dat her pre-puberty tech wuz actually

BELOW AVERAGE fo azn prodigy level :sunglasses:

da mini-YUJA 10/4

da average mini chineze mofo 10/4, courtezy of da MART 8)

Iz it real or

Is it a little boy?

In this video she was 11.
You don’t teach much children do you? :wink:
Then you would know that their development can go extremely fast within a couple of years when they are talented.

11 or 14…makes a Huga Wang of a difference :dong:

Da wang grows fast.

Plate is an expert on 11 vs 14 8)

FF one of those pieces that’s all muscle memory and pulling it off would be way easier with rubbery young hands

Huangci rocked it harder not much older

… and sgouros FF when 12 or so bouncing around


Da Xu Qi a bit a inzane!