1838 LIszt Pag No 6 - 6 Month Project

Day 1 Theme

OK this thread is mainly self shaming into learning this cool piece if possible.

I’ve haven’t tried anyuthing this hard ever and am almost 15 years out of regular practice so should go alright… :0) there are good players on here so may post questions in tech section to learn how stuff is done.

Will post more ever couple months


You should update the practice log more often, though. Even if you don’t post videos.

Rezpek! Brilliant idea.

doze kordz :confused:
difficult stuff.

rezpek & good luck

Doze extra RH zpeedy octs

:ho: : I’d play dat zheeyat as zingle notes n make it zound like octz wiz ma voodoo tech


mannnnnn i c da FATMOFO DIGI tremblin in fear at da prozpect of haffin to participate in da eventual FULL LENGTH RAPE of diz clazzic!! :whale: :whale:


Looking forward to moar, truuuu

Session 4 first attempted rape at tempo through VAR 3

Next couple weeks slow only so will probably post again mid september to see whats up with this and how many variations I can get worked into fingers.

Sound is low because I’m trying to reach keybed. My fingers want to tap and skitter when I play hard stuff argerich style. I’m not coordinated enough to pull that type of playing off securely.




da wikid 2nd var wiz da added PIMP TUNE in da RH, diz harzhly cut from da revizion tru

da FATMOFO already maztah zum KEY RAPE MOVEZ in diz execution, REZPEC :sunglasses:

diz recorded by da zepp tru? :wink:

Well, nice! Extra rezpek for proper fury and for trying to maintain the pulse in the presentation of the theme. I hate when pianists play it CHORD :pimp: | pause :jacko: | rushed melody :gav: | CHORD :pimp: | pause :jacko: | rushed melody :gav: etc.


one day we zhud releaze a SDC album where each legend cuntribute hiz own perzonal BEZT RAPE PERF

zhorly da greatezt 88 ALBUM of all tym TRU 8)

I nominate da Zepp Gala Dragonz Zteinway D closeup unleazh 8)

actually diz zhud be a 2CD zet where da entire 2nd CD iz juz

da TRUMOFO SDC fantazy on repeat :sunglasses:

Ahhh I will preserve evidence in case this album materializes lol

Album title:

“Suicide. fo Jewz”


ahahahah TRU da FATMOFO TRANZ PAGET fo zhor deztined fo incluzion 8)

randomly diz alzo remind moi of da hilariouzly aborted SDC recording project:

da JEFFZKI MOFOZ UNITED VARZ, where each SDC mofo wuz to rec ONE VAR, tru even da COMME :sunglasses:

if i zheeyat correctly da zepp n da ROBBAH were da only onez who cuntributed a rec in de end :whale:

I remebah, dat wuz right around da tym I spammed da forum wiz gay porn :blush:

ahahahaha da ghey-porn zpam era of da SDC

tru how vil diz be written in da hiztory bookz i wundah?

purged completely pozz 8)

Session 6 cut short a bit but stitched parts a pieces into first all way through read. Is waaay early still. This on par with Russian chick sight raping Trannies, so watch at risk of self harm. And yes, I was wearing a cape.