first - ARGERICH … i dont see much talk about her here… yet she is INCREDIBLY FAST … her octaves at the end of the prok toccata are SCARY … And I tried but can’t match her octave speed in chopin scherzo no,3 and the whole Debut Recital album including Liszt Sonata is amazing… SHE POSSESSES THE FURY MY FRIENDS… PURE GENSUI!

and second… someone who you guys probably neevr heard about … OR DID YA ? – dmitri sgouros … anton rubinstein described him as the best pianist he ever heard played shortly before dying… He played Rach 3 at the age of 12 in carnegie hall which is incredible sheeyat by all standards…

I think he played it the youngest along with , more recently , Sean Bennett ( think he played it at 12 too )

Anyway here is a link youll find interesting :
soundclick.com/bands/5/dimit … tmusic.htm


soundclick.com/bands/5/dimit … tmusic.htm

A lot of very interesting sheeyat in there…
Gaspard de la nuit
Liszt praphrases
Chpin’s scherzos
and i also love his scarlatti and mozart variations

im jus surprised we dont hear more about him…

And Argerich is hardly a NEW contender… but i dont see much talk about her… shes the ultimate piano woman and she aint even in Joe TOwnleys HOTCHIX LIST!!! she was very pretty in her youth!!


indeeed :doc: > all

i have dat debut album too

i am about 6 seconds behind her in da coda of da scherzo, though her octaves kick my ass a bit

she haz a pretty wikid jeuxdeux too, although diz iz an example of speed w/out fury, but good eonugh :doc:

we did. hiz mozt infamouz SDC rec iz da pimp RIGO in 4min sumthing. yet da octz at de end r a bit sheeeyat 8)

goto da SDC recz section n watch da legendary DONG clip. den vell tok 8)

da sgouros sheeyat was hactually said by arthur rubinstein who was 95 at the time. Talented as sgouros is, it was a rather hyperbolic claim.

i agree… and Zepp your old avattar was so Hilarious… wanna hear my new chopetz rec? ? dotn haff all day … that was the SHEEEYAT… and what about the Dong ?? Send me the vid … and vell tok .

Argercih has the fastest Scarbo ever (besdies MeiTing’s 12-year old performance), it’s around 8 mins flat.

In Coutergebouw.

agree, da sgouros is anothar underrated mofo. hiz GENSUI vill be revealed here soon.


i have to quite literally “face the music” says:
how iz van clitburn so far
simon sez- u iz slwah den moi says:
simon sez- u iz sl
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simon sez- u iz slwah den moi says:
zero rape
simon sez- u iz sl
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juzt sum mild indecent assault

hiz cadenza in da rach 3 from 1997 iz probably going to rename thiz forum if heard by some people, it follows every single rule of gensui in the sdcs law book.

unlikely 8)


tru :doc: