2018 Fiorentino releases

rhineclassics.com/collectio … t-of-piano

“Live in Taiwan” on there too. Daim!

woah and a Scarpini set. Awesome find man.

I’m curious about the Rachmaninodf set too.

I’ve posted my bootleg of that before - the complete Rach solo works played by Fiorentino in 1987, live.

Bootleg as in audience recording? That is what they will release?

Nah it’s RAI

What’s your opinion of Scarpini Christian? I really liked his different Prokofiev PC 2, but the Scriabin on YT didn’t make much of an impression. Seems he has a cult following, I know Allan Evans is crazy about him.

Sorry. I don’t like him at all, not the Prok-2 either (duh).

No need to apologise, I’m all in support of disliking :smiley: His Prokofiev PC 2 was the only thing that left an impression, the first movement anyway was very refreshing.

Oh so it’s that?

yeah, maybe in better Sound?

Yes well he is different, and a quality I appreciate in him is that he’s good at capturing your attention and force you to listen. But what he forces you to listen TO, I’m just…? I don’t know, I see him a little as a Cherkassky without the color palette and tonal imagination, and with a kind of aesthetics I find - unique to him, yes - but also trashy and often even ugly.

Rezpek da Evans. I can just imagine him sitting there listening to Scarpini and grinding teeth over Renoir.

Hopefully the Scarpini set has his Bach art of Fugue. I’ve wanted to hear that forever, but I don’t care to pay $70 for it.

Scarpini’s recordings were so scattered that a comprehensive edition made me thrilled.
In fact, I have to admit that some of his recordings are pretty good (Prokofiev PC2, Busoni) but there are wide parts of his discography that I do not know at all.

I don’t know the Fiorentino recital but the Rachmaninov recordings deserve their fame. I hope that this reissue has been prepared based on the masters, which I knew were locked somewhere in the RAI archives.

I hope they use the Masters but don’t try and “clean” them up like the Rachmaninoff First Concerto, which sounds pretty awful.
It’s curious, Fiorentino is one of my favourites but I don’t really know much about him.
There are some anecdotes from his students in the fb group but unfortunately my Italian is limited to musical terms (and swear words).

I wish we had some 30’s Nyeregihazy acetates tru.
There were quite a few, probably all thrown out by now.

There even was a 60’s Liszt Sonata tape

Meh, haven’t heard one rec from that mofo that I like.

Well, imagine the only rec of Ho dat we had was Ho in Jap.

I’m sure da NigNazi was a MOFO in his prime.
Check out his pimp Zepp roll

Well, we need not wonder anymore:

Not my cup o sheeyat.

Nah, I’m good.

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