2019 proms


Few interesting things. An :orgy: tchaik which I guess is interesting… for her…

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Olivier Latry’s could be interesting too. I didn’t realise that Gavrylyuk was Russian!

It’s one of those… :balance_scale: He was born in today’s Ukraine, but it was then under Soviet control.

Proms is rarely interesting IMO. Sometimes a concerto by a good pianist, but even then usually as mainstream as possible.

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No balancing, just laziness/lack of research. His name is 100% Ukrainian and he’s an Australian citizen.

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Perhaps on the piano side but this is not true generally. I’ve heard several wild and adventurous concerts at the Proms, including weird works by Birtwistle and Knussen.

A few months ago Gavrylyuk gave one of the most interesting perfs of Prokofiev’s PC 3 that I’ve heard in a very long time, like in years. He seems to have grown into someone who does his own thing.


No but it can go either way. I’m not sure what standard procedure was but I’d guess that if Gavrylyuk is listed as Russian that’s by his own choice.

I sincerely doubt that. He has no connection to Russia.

He’s kept changing ever since he first appeared I think. I first heard him in the early 00s playing some Horowitz transcriptions which were downright awful. A friend (Farhan) said ten years ago or so however that he’d recently heard him play really well, and when I saw him accompany Janine Jansen in 2016 he was outstanding. I’ve not yet heard anything I’d classify as individualistic though, so that’s yet another turn.

He was born in Kharkhiv which currently is in the midst of the Ukraine/Russia war/dispute. Given all the times he appears on Russian TV, he’s probably fine with them.

No, I mean - precisely. As far as I understand this he should be under Ukrainian flag, so if he’s not that’s probably by choice.

He has a big tech, (in the Weissenberg, Moog vein, where you can just hear the strength) but I don’t find him particularly interesting musically.

Listen to this Nov '18 perf. Unlike most who just steamroll this and sound the same as everyone else, he actually marks it.

I don’t see how you can draw this conclusion from the information at hand. I’m much more inclined to think someone made a mistake. It does happen.

His own website describes him as Ukrainian-born Australian pianist. Why would he suddenly want to claim Russian?

You have to assume that his management takes control of publications and he has given his management permission to list himself as Russian.

BTW his website doesn’t list him as Ukrainian. It does mention he returns to Russia often though.

edit: ok the Russian version mentions Ukraine once.

The only possible justification for which that I can think of is that they think it’ll sell more tickets. Like all the Pakistanis and Sri Lankas here running “Indian” restaurants.

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I looked at it 2 seconds ago. It has what I noted above in the description.

Only on the Russian veresion of the site as far as I can see.

No, I’m just saying that IF he chooses to appear under Russian flag it’s probably by his own choice, since I don’t think it’s the default.