2nd Evah International Piano Competition fo Speed Demonz

Furthermore, I propose to do away with the jury system entirely.
Votes shall be cast thru da SDC poll system

4’33?? That’s such a bad piece. I demand it should be replaced by Alphonse Allais’s 1897 Funeral March for the Obsequies of a Deaf Man.

u iz tryin fo da ORGY prize 8)

Prize humbly accepted.

Can I play any sheeyat I want at da prize winner rectal?

o vil u be there? :rectum:

I will livestream a random sheeyat 8)


da TRUMOFO juz preemptively POGOed diz comp



I charge 600 ziffro to appear in da prize winnah rectal which I may cancel last moment and give a speech on Flat Earth instead 8)