64 not 88

A few mofoz here (I’m thinking mart, zepp, zkep) may be interested… world chess championship match starts today.

I think it will be close and hardfought, Carlsen slight favourite.


I wuz hopin diz wuz a topiq about a certain Nintendo conzole :sunglasses:


Hahaha fuckkkk!

Haha da comme rezpec da chezz world but too complex n tym conzumin fo ma azz to invezt in :sunglasses:

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da x has never lost a chess game against an adversary of my own age :sunglasses:

But the last one I fought was so draining that I’ve stayed away from the game since

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haha diz da X ztopped at

6 ? :sunglasses:


place ur bet

  • Carlsen
  • Caruana

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fuckkkk da firzt game a 7 hrz zheeyat … for a draw

i obviouzy preferz

SD chezz :sunglasses:


Watch nakamura on twitch then :smiling_imp:

1 min chess is cool.

Hehe no but you’re not too far off… The last game I remember having played, against a human, would have been in 2002 (da x=18/19).

More interesting in the context is that my life total number of chess games is about 10. I’ve never been a chess mofo, and crucially neither have my friends.

I was actually quite obsessed by chess during my school years, more than da 88 in fact. I have fond memories of playing internationally as a kid.

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I like chess as well as a thing, but I just can’t have a relaxed attitude towards it. The last game I played was 5 hours or something like that of hyper intense concentration, I was completely exhausted afterwards.

I have tried to watch some chess analyzing videos of famous games etc on youtube over the last 4-5 years, but I’m harshly too much of a newbie to get anything out from them.

Da TM randomly way too impulsive to ever get good at anything like chess.

You’re Russian though. I had a Russian in my class when I was 16-19 who I played once, and I remember he was rather careless, but I also remember he was incredibly natural and fast thinking, and thought of chess about like I do with soccer - that it’s something every kid starts playing from the age of 4 or thereabouts.

Randomly da TM interests:

Composition, piano, historical 88 recs n old time stylez, cooking and Asian chicks… hmm maybe also self-promotion n porn (Lola falls into diz category). Oh and flat earth.

Sadly that’s about it.

I do know da rules ov chess, juz never really worked on it or thought more than one move ahead.
Da pure-rape approach dun work with chess unless you learnt a few quick checkmate traps n unleash dem right away :sunglasses:

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If you play with a clock, then you can circumvent that by setting x mins for the whole game. Standard tournament chess is like what you describe though, and two games a day is draining.

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The other mofos here can probably address this better, but I think you begin to see patterns and recognize board positions and similar as you get better and more experienced with it. At my level I have to brute force everything, so the first thing is to carefully analyze why the opponent made the move he just did, and then try to go through just about every counter move I can think of and foresee their results. It’s lots of “manual” labour, and in all honesty not too fun - at least not a couple of hours in when you’re going through the same thought processes for the 16th time.

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Yes, in some ways chess is part pattern recognition and part expanding tree analysis “if I do this and he does this, or if he does that, then I have x and y I might do” and the pattern recognition aspect often facilitates quicker and more accurate analysis. Likewise there are often certain standard strategic plans which an experienced player associates with certain structures.

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Ahahaha mannn if u apply yo inzane 88 tech approach to chezz, u wud reach GM level in 5 yrz :sunglasses:

Haha I will jus go fo

Chinese Checkers :sunglasses:

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