8-15 minute 20th century suggestions?

hahahaahaa no

here iz da right anwsahz

Schoenberg - op 25
Da mezz - a catalogue da fuck piece
Stockhausen - Klavierstuck no 1

How hard is the Rzewski Fantasia?[/quote
id have to see sheets to it to precisely know. i dont think one can tell jsut from the rec.

trust me on this one, flip open the MEZZIAEN VINGT REGARDZ and stop at any page. learn that REGARDZ that you stop on.


REGARDZ No. 11 and No. 13.

Worked for me.

agreed, no.11 of the da regardz should be manageable. although maybe a bit short.
Ya could try da Carl Vine sonata (1st one, I think dere’s 3 now), seems to get played a fair bit and I think is da right length - got a cool elbow cruching cluster in da middle.
Boulez 1st sonata I think is shortish if ya like mathematical music.
20th century includes peoplez like Rach, Scriabin, Strauss, Ravel - or do ya want non romantic sheeyat? or something contemporary?
da dmin Shosta prelude and fugue is cool - got an awesome ending, might take a while to learn though.

do u haff da scoh to the etudes?

-da Meph

i do, but in djvu format.

I dont knwo what that means, but could you post them if possible?

-da Meph

djvu format means that it requires a different program to open it. you can download the djvu viewer from here:

lizardtech.com/download/dl_o … ge=viewers

ill post the actual file, which contains roslavets almost complete piano works, in another thread so leechers cant get it.

that would be great :dong:

-da Meph

Debussy Images book I or II?

dey iz wicked, but I think not wut he iz lookin foh 8)

i think stephen (steinwaymofo) already decided on his 20th century piece. i think he picked petrushka.

he will never be able to play it.

-da MEPH

mk. you are the expert on my playing after all.

I am sorry, i don’t know why i wrote that. I’m an idiot.

Barber sonata :smiling_imp: Skip a movement and play the fugue at Beus Speed :wink:

I actually think I might just do Out of Doors. My other rep is ridic enough as it is.

Maybe Piano Sonata No. 1 by Boulez?

da 2nd mov iz gensui 8)