8-15 minute 20th century suggestions?


change avatar and I might answer…

-da Meph

tha agozti vin diezel firecock tranz 8)

ives waltz-rondo (massive cg) or three-page sonata.

roslavets 3 etudes or 1st sonata.

wiz yo tech id zuggezt a piece from da leibahmannz album fo da young :stop: :whale:

the berg sonata 1 .
bartok sonata
szymanowski sheherezada and serenade de don juan
hmm… bacewicz stuff (its starting to be big thru competition ive noticed that)
shoenberg - 6 little pieces
these are some really known stuff which is still liked by the audience and is quite understandable and wise.
if u can have some more minutes then id do the webern variations id say its one of the best 20th century pieces

Rzewski Fantasia


1.Rondo Brillant op.62 – 6 mins
2.Invitation a la valse op.65 – 8 mins

u wont be disappointed.

hahaha agreed 8)

symanowski- theme & variations op3
janacek- sonata 1
rzewski- winnsboro cotton mill blues
sumthin from da vingt regards

i haff recently becum captisheeyatd by tha LIGETI etz

zome of them r juz incredibl

tru attempt tha Autumn in Zupahland :exclamation:

and mezz vignt sheeyatz 6-10 8)

i second da ligeti etudes. do l’escalier du diable.

fuckk … i studied that weber iz a 19th century guy wtf ?! who is damn wrong kittayoz ?


didn’t look at da title well.

mah apologiez.


oh thats good then … i felt so badly u know , when u find out you’re wrong about something u were sure about it … now im released thx


Invitation to the Dance is a fun one though

but yeah, add an N

Webern - variations

good stuff for auditions

I would do the Webern variations, but one of my friends is already doing them, and she’s a beast and a half.

Ligeti is too fucking hard and too short. It needs to be a “Substantial 20th century composition”, but I don’t want to do something too long, like Prick 6 or something.

I looked at the Mezz Vingts Regards, L’esprit de Joie, specifically. Very briefly. That shit is insane.

I’m going to look into the Szymanowski. How hard is the Rzewski Fantasia?