88 lessons

So, I’ve been wanting to take piano lessons for a while. I can play a bit but I’d like to develop a solid technical foundation and build up a rep of pieces that I can play at will from memory.

Tried to contact this Tube teacher, Denis Zhdanov. Considering his credentials, his fee of 70 euros is fair.

So, I contact him and he says he can only promise 1 or 2 lessons a month. That might be good for someone who is advanced or someone who wants a second perspective, but at my level, I need a weekly lesson.


I do my best to remain flexible and accommodate the wishes of my students. The most frequent case in my practice is a weekly schedule, but if you want to have classes more often/less often, or just show up for one class, that works too, depending on my availability."

on his website. Perhaps he wants to do one or two initial lessons to evaluate where you’re at and go from there?

He’s a decent pianist aka I’d actually heard of him before this.

Also… input into :lola: playing? Dis title :sunglasses:

No, he just said that’s what he can fit into his overall schedule. I guess his tube channel is doing its job and he probably has some concert engagements. Oh well.

He’s the husband of an old friend of mine (we got out of touch tho)

I abstain from any further comments