a difficult choice

upon logging into facebook today:

"You have a rape friend request from Steven Turnbull!

Steven Turnbull sent a request using X Me. Steven Turnbull decided to do something to you! Click here to see your message."

tru, there are two chocies: “RAPE STEVEN!” or “IGNORE”


haha i randomly had thiz difficult choice too :comme:

zo long will it take :comme: to corrupt da entire facebook?? :stop:


da Global Facebook Assault by da :comme:

pozz vil result in permanet Ban


dun do it. i regret mah decision evry day

DAIM!!! da Rape request for da NOr also!!

hahah da CG nacha ov a rape REQUEZT :gav:

da comme juzz forced mah abd self to become hiz friend :frowning:

no one can force 8)

HAHAHAHAHAHAH now da zepp do hiz part to corrupt da FACEBOOK

tru da zhreddah, check yo wall 8)

8) i haff