A few ?s bout tecnique

These ?s r for tthose who have been playing a significant amount of time, and especially Koji Attwood, who is a reel pianist.


My teach told me once u have technique, all u gotz to do is learn the notes…dis tru? Now, lets believe “technique” encompasses trills, sixths, thirds, octz, loud, soft, yada yadas…so if u have enuff technique, u culd wake up one day, “gee id like to learn chopet 10-7 today”, learn the notes and start playing? remember, u alredy have the tech, so no need to practice it slow until u get it, correct?

So how does one go bout getting da tech? How long wud u say u have to play da piano for. Please answer every ? i am asking…

now individual ?s

-how long have u been playing?
-for how long do u practice and how often?
-wut pieces were u playing in 2 years?
-how long have u been playing now?
-wut is da hardest piece u can play?

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That’s just not at ALL how it works. Even the greatest pianists practise slowly, hands separate and/or small chunks at a time.

Sometimes I’ll take 3 or 4 bars that are giving me grief and i’ll play them 1/2 speed for an hour until I don’t need to think about it. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure this is an accepted practice among pianists.

Richter even, who was one of history’s great sight readers, would learn one page at a time. He wouldn’t move on until he had it down. He also said that the Dvorak concerto(which is friggin’ hard, but not Bartok 2 or Prok 2 hard) took him almozt 2 years to get firmly under his fingers.

I haff been playing for almost 30 years I am an old fucker and I can’t just sit and learn da chopet in a day, of course many of doze 30 years I have been pimpin hoes and slangin, earnin da scrilla so dat may not count, ask one of da conservo mofos

Practice at any tempo you want, but make sure whatever motions you are making will work effectively at full tempo or faster.

I personally believe in practicing at multiple tempos.

It was Liszt who said that to master any piece, you have to nail it at four different tempos.

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