a french queztion, hu da fuck iz tiz


someone tell me who the fuck is the person the annoucer was trying to say

pozz da mart can help moi out?

btw, tiz da prick 5th conc

Samson François. He stumbles a bit first but actually pronounces it correctly, respect to the announcer 8)

hahah daim

any one wantz da Louis Kentner brahms 2nd and Samson Francois’s Prokofiev 5th live rec then?

:wood: gave tiz to me a while ago, just organizing the collection

Actually never heard Francois’ Prok before, so sure 8)

organizing the collection, that would take me over 2 weeks of constant work. My “collection” is a complete mess of everything I downloaded scattered over 2 hard drives which each 3 partitions :blush:

Hahah da :wood: pozted both of those recs here zum tym ago :stop:

actually do u mind telling me who’s the conductor here?


I probably have it, I would just never find it back 8)

shit, I need to organize :smiley:

Conductor is Dimitri Mitropoulos by the way

hahah nice
gonna ul tiz zhitnit now

ahahahah man iz da zepp da only mofo organized enuff to rename every zingle zheeyat he d/lz in perfect alphzheeyatikal ordah juz zo a rocky3 wont haff to deal wiz a 10/2 ztuck between itz azzcheekz 8)

If memory serves me korrectly, I thought you had lost your hard disk on a train sometime back then… So you found it?

My current collection= everything from after that happened. Man i lost a LOT of nice stuff, especially pianovideos :frowning:.