A mofo reactin to da ZIFF :ZIF: da RECTUM :rectum: n da HO :ho:

hahahah alzo DIZ annoyin cumment :

Even though Liszt could do anything on the piano in his time, he never thought that playing as fast as possible was important. Liszt held excessive speed in contempt. The mere mechanical attainments of pianoforte technique meant very little to Liszt. Frederic Lamond, one of Liszt’s last great students, who studied with him in 1885, was present during one of Liszt’s master classes when Liszt stopped one of the pianists playing Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat. He told the student “I don’t want to listen to how fast you can play the octave passage in the left hand. What I wish to hear is the canter of the horses of the Polish cavalry before they gather force and destroy the enemy”.
Knowing what Liszt felt about piano playing, I wonder what he would have thought of Cziffra, whose biggest claim to fame was being a Liszt specialist who played faster than anyone else.

Respek the butterfly effect of this random chick sucking that day in master class and it affecting perfs of that piece 150 years later.

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ic he found da top zpeed vidz of da :zif: :rectum: n :ho: lez c :sunglasses:

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:pimp: : n after maztahclazz :sweat_drops: