A Nu CimiHATTO?!

Yo mofoz, chekk out deze “vidz”…

how zuzpiciouzly kleen n’ PERFEKT dey r, not kontaining even a ZINGLE WRONG NOTE!!!

(n’ ov kourze, played on da obligatory Klavinova, aka zemi-automatik 88, az alwayz) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Da mechanical sound of a midi/tampered with rec is apparent.

Randomly, note how da hardest n most gensui tech sheeyatz also lose deir excitement when played by a machine COCK and/or sped up


Well he says he uses Pianoteq. Also it sounds electronic not only because of Pianoteq but because he plays on a Yamaha keyboard.

So it’s not expert pianism, but expert digitized keyboardism.

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Moi ran hiz reply 2 da quezt. about da :athletic_shoe: through da Google tranz, n’ diz iz wut it kummah out 2:

“As for the performance itself, this playlist only contains challenging passages, so I make sure, before putting them on youtube, that they are exactly as I imagine them, from start to finish, which could make these performances almost inimitable, playing live. Of course, I’m the one who plays anyway, so they are achievable.”

…no doubt, a CimiHatto in da making… :angry:

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Moi konkurz, wit da exzepzheeyat ov da Nanasakov… :sunglasses:

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Hmm, almost everything on this channel is sheet vidz.

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Diz vid zeemz zumwhat legit

Ztill digitized but could be some real zkill in it

Ahahahah to be CIMIHATTO u haff to zatizfy both criteria:

  1. Legit penizt
  2. Fake recz

Diz mofo only pozt zheet zcrollin recz. In today’z world, da default pozition iz to azzume tiz fake until vid evidence zurfaceth :sunglasses:

Derez actually a zemi well-known tube mofo who pozted a KANCERTO mvmt3 rec a couple of yrz ago dat da zepp declared FAKE wiz 95% cuntfidence

Twuz a bit rizky fo da zepp to make dat call, becuz dat mofo wuz a real penizt who had many vidz of himzelf playin in legit mannah

Hiz firzt name ztart wiz a B randomly :sunglasses:

HAHA, but diz mofo haz in fakt 1 or 2 legit playin vidz… :tipping_hand_man:

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