a Q about Alkan

me iz new to Alkan… reli liked da ones i d/l from da SDC, op 15, op 41, etc. did a search and saw Ronald Smith has played a lot of Alkan… wondering if those are gud…

dey r gud, but fo da bezt recz, look fo da DOCTAH(hamelin)

The gensui of these filters become more apparent each day. 8)

HAhahaha lmao! He means da Hamloin :smiley: (Hamelin)


haha… gocha…
and i think after today i can finally remember hu da doctah is…

hahahahaha, RESPEC fo yo KAN inveztigation sheeyat

Listen to da death ray.

Get all of Dré’s KAN. They are pretty well definitive, cept I much prefer da Def Ray’s Festin 2 Hamelin’s.



Sum supervirtuoso teaser:


wooo~ thanx for da teaser!!!
and def ray/death ray iz???

raymond lewenthal

a mofo

Who got his fingers all broke in a bulgar in the park of New York City.

Then Alfred Cortot helped him to rebuild all his technique.

Best Kan recording of da Death Ray : Le Festin D’Esope (that’s Op.39 no.12)

His grande sonata is not that good, for a hint who is da doc

here is his little pic -> :doc:

wut about diz rec.

amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … =classical

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Well, it’s expensive, but if u want a complete Etude recording of Op.35(major) and Op.39(minor), i guess this is almost the ONLY option.

It’s pretty great, but some of the playing in the recording are messy.

I personally regard the Op.35 better than the Op.39 in this.


this is not the Op.35+Op.39
this is the Op.39 alone

There is no truly great recording of the Major Key etudes. Ringmaster’s is pretty good…

but they should all be as wikidly done as Gibbons’ Allegro Barbaro.

dat iz tru, da RINGMAZTAH doez a WIKID respecable job


so touching… by da warmth from da SDC educating a Kan noob…

i’v heard only a few so far& how come there’s tis one melody that’s in all of dem? :blush: iz tat da Kan’s signiture tune?