A random 19th century patent dizpute

Tiz generally accepted dat

da clazzik ALT CHROM OCT UNLEAZH tech wuz invented by da PIMP, firzt puttin it down on papah in da JOO FANT

howevah, da THALBURGLAH wiki zeem to claim othawize:

Mendelssohn’s student Horsley wrote of the meeting of his teacher and Thalberg:
We were a trio, and after dinner Mendelssohn asked Thalberg if he had written anything new, whereupon Thalberg sat down to the piano and played his Fantasia from the “Sonnambula” … At the close there are several runs of Chromatique Octaves, which at that time had not previously heard, and of which peculiar passages Thalberg was undoubtedly the inventor. Mendelssohn was much struck with the novel effect produced, and greatly admired its ingenuity … he told me to be with him the next afternoon at 2 o’clock. When I arrived at his study door I heard him playing to himself, and practising continually this passage which had so struck him the previous day. I waited for at least half an hour listening in wonderment to the facility with which he applied his own thoughts to the cleverness of Thalberg’s mechanism, and then went into the room. He laughed and said: ‘Listen to this, is it not almost like Thalberg?’


tru, dizcuzz diz minah cuntroverzy

n try to ignore da intenze cg image of da mendy doin a ziff impro :sunglasses:


HAHAHA diz clazzic tech tru

N da moz GENSUI zheeyat I haf zeen ov diz iz da JONAZ RAPE REWRITE CHEAT

Page 94-95 ov da PDF tru

da ZPECIAL EXECUTION :sunglasses::zif:


Da Thalburglah-wiki, whilst comprehensive, is very biased in its writing. Liszt’s La Juive fantasy (da pimp’z first uzage) is 1835. La Sonnambula (op. 46; da MOZEZFANT is op. 33) is 1842. :pimp: totally stole da NORMA-ARPZ-ORGY (1840/1) from da MOZEZ (written c. 1836, performed at pimp duel 1837) coda though.


“It is possible to obtain a much greater speed than by the usual procedure”

Sumone tell da Ziff :clock11:

Da WIM: dis proves dat da pimp could only reach 6 npz in octz :sunglasses:


diz an accidental rape cheat tru :sunglasses:

n da advice to covah up da crime wiz pedal AHAHAHA DIZ :whale:

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Need to covah up da fuckin audienz’z eyez too! :dong:

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TRUUUUU half da gensui about da chrom alt octz iz da vizual cg of da handz goin in n out of pozition

diz random cheat juz add mo rape while at da zame tym lowahrin da raw vizual appeal

:ghey: :sunglasses:


da ZMASH on sum of doze octz fuckkkkkk


I remember Schonberg saying that Thalberg took the 3 hand effect from some harpist’s Moses fantasy.

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Yeah, Parish-Alvars. A lot of superficial similarities between each of their Moses fantasies in the prayer bit.



burglah? :sunglasses:

but mannnnn how do u actually make an 88 zong wiz arpz n haff it

NOT zound lyk a HARP zheeyat? :sunglasses:

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:sunglasses: :pimp: :blonde_woman:t2:

labia strum ?