a tazte of zkep (fo da XSDC)

tru da zkep az picky az a 5 year old at a vegetable ztore n by coincidence recently uzually zhittin on da upz by diz mofo (n mildly da CANDAIN)

name any ztandard pieces n da zkep vil pozt hiz fav rec fo u to prax yo SDC-ztyle critique on 8) None of this flowery, vocab lizt zheeyat, BABY I WANT IT RAWWWWW

here iz a couple fo u to take a zwing at:

yes yes yes!!!

da feinberg SCRIB 5 my fave ever.

da fuck… if da whole rectal ever pops up… he played da SCRIB 8 on dere too.

HOLY DICK he’s good.

skep, did you grab ma Feinberg - private recs dat I posted?
it’s his own home rec of him playing various compositions by himzelf, including sum sons, violin zon, zonz wiz zinger etc.

all amazingly good playing

let me know and I will repost sum CLAZZIC ARCHIVAL UNRELEASED GUDBURGA 8)

fuuuuuuuuck do it!

plz :gav:

posted xoxoxo

dayum, da TM prodigiouz anal juicinezz appreciated :chop:

Could you please post them?




yeah man, this one and the Richter Prague '72 (I think). Feinberg’s got his own world in Scriabin. I wonder if that dude was sneaking any local Soviet hallucinogens before playing.

ok, zkep, critique da Ho/Barb 1941 Rach 3 8)

haha daim da unexpected Perahia. :rock:

Yeah, Perahia? WTF. It’s a good rec, but kind of a lame pick if you’re trying to demonstrate your superior taste…

da zkep pick a BERMAN n two rando az (comparatively) low-hangin fruit fo critique :lib:

Zkep you can like whatever the fuck you want - I’m not reviewing people’s tastes. But when you write things like that "everyone knows that Berman’s TE2 is the greatest evah :mule:" and when you can’t even spot the quality in Tyson’s Preludes - and moreover go :whale: when people tell you what they see differently - that tells me that here’s the mind of a 12 year old who it’ll be more tedious than worthwhile to keep reading these definite statements from.

hahahaha daim dis unfolding feud


ahahaha of da zetz anybody know . . . diz ztatement rated . . . ZIMPLY TRU :zepp:

dayum niggah y u zo zalty? da zkep zaid:


zkep: “da zkep gunna go ROUND 2 on diz zheeyat wiz da TM review in hand n compare”

AHAAHHAHAHAAA definitive ztatementz lyk

fuuuuuuuuck iz u cummin ven u wuz writin diz zheeyatzu?


let moi zet up da tee-ball fo u

review da zkep fav HUNGRAPPAH 2:

diz zheeyat eaziah to hit dan a ZHIBARI-tied 18 yr old JAV queen zquirtin in yo bed :tm:

“da octavez iz made of pure orgazmz, bringin gliztenin tearz to mah pale, zwedizh forezkin. da lack of zlowin down at da top of da octavez iz zo new n innovative, wut a genzui finally matched wiz da zorcerer-lyk fingahz to play diz zheeyat wiz no rubato. he vil change da futah of 88 - n mah-bad-zelf dun uzually zay diz, but he vil alzo change da pazt via RETROCAUZALITY n replace da bugz bunny in da loony toonz az all hungrappah 2’z are changed to da genzui KAZTLE by divine decree. HNNNNNNNNNGH zplat


Da kastle…

Who has his email? :blush:

Da kastle has been irretrievably locked out of his email due to inability to type da password without striking adjacent keys in da process. :smiling_imp:


Gavrilov has too - no adjacent keys, but he just types it in too weirdly. No pass.