A tribute to Ogden

After studying closely his playing during transfers I have learned the truway to learn and perform high tech pieces quickly.

Sub 2 min chopet 4



Which painting is that in the background?

Somebody painted a door and I stole in from a trash pile on a road trip. I like it.


I wish we could use gifs here!

Hadn’t realized it’s HUGE til just now

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You play the geetar? Upload a lil’ sumthin-sumthin.

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Hehe I have planned to learn that guitar for 15 years and never got around to it. People used to strum it when I had company though so hung in to it. That was before world ended a bit.

Yeah no shit!

HAHAHAHA mannnnn

Da 10/4 iz da firzt zong da zepp evah recorded back in da chopfile dayz, via da klazzik cazette tape to windowz zound recordah method. Diz zeminal wax cylindah rec pozz foevah lozt to pozterity

Needlezz to zay, diz unleazh bringah a tear to ma eye

I c u iz goin fo OGDONG RAPE, but dere be momentz dat reach ZIFF ztudio level, REZPEC :sunglasses:

The ogdon pedal and scoot through passagework amacha style hard to pull off.

Also weirdly the 10/4 pretty hard even in CG mode!!! That LH shit no joke where the turn hits the weak fingers. Also the writing has some pretty stupid spaz repositioning moments only cziff seems equipped to do right.

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