Alexander Lubyantsev recital

Holy sheeyat - plays Scarbo, Meph 1 and Suggestion diabolique in a row, and how!! With such ease & finish.
I wonder how he plays in more inspiring circumstances/surroundings on a better instrument…has anyone heard him live?
@Dr.TM is diz guy a bit crazy? Why is he uploading dozens of videos of himself talking sheeyat on his YT channel?
Perhaps he is, that’s why the jury didn’t like him at the TchaiComp in 2011…


I like this guy. He used to have a really funny video about trying to make money from day trading.

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harzhly 2011 wuz hiz tech peak

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Listening to this, I think his tech is still pretty good :wink:
And diz talent hardly had any concerts this year, check out his agenda…

Hahah da legendary speaking vids


How high is he?


Haha dis longazz introduction
I like da announcah :sunglasses:

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Damn Aaron Carter here plays some good pagets still!!

FUCK this recital somewhat insane.

I’ve examined some of the talking vids on auto translate. Garden variety speed freak - in the chemical sense. Repek his poor choices.