Ali G

Given the whole vibe of the site is based around dis mofo, is anyone actually a fan? Or has anything ever been posted about him?
I’m assuming it was a Comme thing but how the hell do you team up Ali G with Classical piano?

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I was a fan of the original UK version of the show.
I remember when he first went to the states he appeared on TRL and the audience just didn’t get it.
It was a surprise that this sort of humour caught on in the US.
Re the origins of “mofo”, for some reason Comme starting writing in that style on the chopinfiles and it went from there.

Tru I remembah intellectual dizcussionz with da MADAME JULIANA on the old chopfiles 8)

Haha diz ancient legend.
Diz mofo was from anima-land if I sheeyat correctly.