Alice-Sara Ott announced that she has multiple-sclerosis

I really feel sorry for her. But this message sounds optimistic and she will continue her carear.

That really is sad. One of my favourite people in the piano world received the same diagnosis in the mid 00s, and he was still active several years after this but increasingly sporadically. I think they get their symptoms in flares, while in between these bad periods they can live relatively normal lives. If so she won’t be a favourite among concert presenters going forward however.

This sucks, I feel really bad for her. Hopefully she’ll be able to continue her career.

I’m sorry for her and wish her all the best.

Lebrecht however is a cunt: DG’s German-Japanese pianist Alice Sara Ott is about to announce

I wonder how or why it was found out / announced this way. Sokolov even refused an award because the guy’s a douchebag.

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There’s a statement on her twittah. I dont know which came first, that or Lebrecht’s clickbait journalism.

Anyway, poor girl.

So sad. Wish her the best!

I think Clara Haskil also had MS.

Is this also the disease that kills Du Pre?

Yes. :frowning:
I don’t know how bad Alice’s symptoms are, but perhaps medication and treatment have improved since Haskil and Du Pré.

I just did some google and it seems there is no really good way to heal this disease. Doctors still do not know very clearly why MS happens. But I think the severeness and speed of development might differ from person to person. Ott still maintains a busy schedule, as shown on her own website, so I think her situation might be much better than Du Pre.

I wonder if this helps explain why she was so emotional in that video of Gaspard that was up a little while ago. I had thought it was just her being an arteeeest, but perhaps not.

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She’d playing her shortly at la seine musicale, but I’ve never really liked her playing tbh.