Alkan edition with DOC introductory notes. … _rhf_p_t_1

“Selected and with Introductory Notes by Marc-André Hamelin. This unprecedented collection rescues extraordinary, challenging piano works from undeserved obscurity: Alkan’s Etudes in Minor Keys, Op. 39 (the complete Symphony for Solo Piano, Op. 39, Nos. 4–7; the complete Concerto for Solo Piano, Op. 39, Nos. 8–10; and “Le Festin d’Ésope” [Aesop’s Feast], Op. 39, No. 12); Saltarelle, Op. 23; Barcarolle, Op. 65, No. 6; and Toccatina, Op. 75. Introduction. Notes.”

Does anybody own this edition and would be kind enough to scan and post the introductory notes?
And also, have Hamelin provided fingerings for this edition?

Im currently considering to buy either this edition or the complete op.39 Billaudot edition. Any opinions?

They’re the usual Dover reprints of old editions, don’t expect too much of it. So there are no extra fingerings by Hamelin, I think. I don’t have the Billaudot edition, but this was a good introduction to Alkan. Too bad the Quatre Ages isn’t in it though. I’ll upload the scan in a minute.

thank you! :slight_smile:
yes, its a pity the grande sonate isnt included. it really should have been included in a collection like this.
anyway, its pretty cheap, only costs $13 at sheetmusicplus

here you go, I don’t have any experience in scanning, but I did my best to make it look good :stuck_out_tongue: … Included his autograph just for fun

Again, thank you very much! Nice introduction :doc:
I think Ill go with the Billadout edition, I want the complete set.

Wow 13 $ I bought the Dover couple of years ago for 45 $ LOL… god damn quebec sucks :frowning: