Alkan Solo Concerto played by Claudio Arrau (April Fool's :( )

So, apparently Claudio Arrau recorded the entire Solo Concerto by Alkan in his younger years.

Does anyone have access to or has listened to this recording? I’d like to know more details about it. If anyone knows where this can be accessed (hopefully for free) I would love to know.


EDIT: Just found the link to post the source here.

200 Years of Alkan: From Saint-Saëns to Freire

SHIT as I suspected it’s an April 1 post!!!


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100% certain this is not true. However, Arrau may have played some Alkan

haha da Arrau sense of aristocracy just took a nosedive wid dis


Did you read it in this magnificent article?


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He played da Zymph back in da day, fo zhor

I thought Arrau played Alkan’s Solo Concerto in the Godowsky arrangement for left hand.


Hahah da CIMIHATTO takin notez :sunglasses: