alkan's chamber music

i think its totally wikid

3 things -

cello sonata
violin sonata
and a mofo trio

dey r all wikid, ESPECIALLY as da zepp will attest - da cello finale 8)

I think the Adagio of the Cello Sonata is the best of Alkan’s chamber music. As moving as any chamber music I’ve heard.

Although “L’Enfer” gets most of the props in the Grande Duo, I really think the first movement, “assez animé”, is just as stirring.


Damn Firefox. :imp:

well da fuckin 2nd mvt gets all of da fuckin attention coz da fuckin 2nd mvt fuckin has fuckin lots of fuckin dissonances and dat was fuckin unique at da time and fuckin innovative!

fuckin wikid 8)

In the mean time that kick-ass symphony as well as other lost works sit in someone’s attic, waiting to be discovered. 8)

i know man, if its fuckin half as good as da fuckin op39 symph, den it will still be a fuckin tru MOFO!