All Liszt CD/Recital Programme ideaz :pimp:

Juzt a fun thread fo :pimp: fanz

da :pimp: haf alwayz been in ma elite top compozaz and hiz workz are among da few compozaz dat can be varied and ov zufficient quality to create a brilliant and effective zingle-compoza programme/recital dizc

Wut are zum examplez ov all- :pimp: recital progz u haf heard/read about?

Cumpelling thread

Can’t imagine why da candain got bored with yo threadz :rectum:

Hey Vol, U want zum CAZH?

TEz :sunglasses:

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I still plan to rec diz CD when da Jyard reopens

Franz Liszt:

Der nächtliche Zug
Mephisto Waltz No. 1
Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen, S.179
Mephisto Waltz No. 2
La lugubre Gondola I & II
Danse macabre – Poème symphonique de Camille Saint-Saëns, S555

When I was preparing for da 2011 pimp comp I did da following pimp rectals:

HR 9
Valse Melancolique
TE 8

Encore: widmung

I also did diz one:

Hr 11
Der nächtliche Zug
Mephisto Waltz No. 1



Quick poll :pimp:

  • Norma
  • DonJuan

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The end of DJ is better though. It leaves, imo, both the penizt and the lisztener with the impression that a gigantic mountain has been successfully traversed.

Which it has, peniztically.

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Haha wut about da Lucrezia Borgia…diz da longezt?

Maybe, is there not a truly vast Meyerbeer one though?

Da Hugenuttz? tiz 20minz

altho dere iz an earlia verzion alzo, actually different themez and wikid

Zadly only heard da fuckin lezbo rec

hahah fuckkkk tru diz one alzo around 24 minz

It was probably only a question of length which caused Liszt to make the serious cuts that lead to the final version of this work—and an intermediate version, with two optional cuts and a new last page appeared not to satisfy the Master, either. But there is much to be said for the sheer expansiveness of this piece in its first edition which, like all Liszt’s fantasies based on music of Meyerbeer, calls forth some of his finest flights of fancy. The greatest difference between the present text and the other one is the long section given over to the andante from the lyrical duet of Raoul and Valentine, ‘Ô ciel! où courez-vous?’. The whole fantasy is based upon this long duet, which is certainly the finest thing in Meyerbeer’s score, and it is strange to reflect that it was a very late addition to the original opera.

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Dis sentence also works without the word “only” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha I haf traverzed da entire Lezbo zet and tiz valuable to gauge which zheeyatz dezerve betta recz

actually all :sunglasses: but dere are a few occazional zurprizez where da LEZBO don’t phone it in :phone:

DJ imho is a better compo

I’ve not listened to da entire lezbo set and even a year long lockdown won’t induce me to.

Howevah I do think his Priere de matelots is good.

Fuck… dat giff me da idea to re-record it propahly. :pimp:

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Pozz but Norma haff da bettah tunez :sunglasses:

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This is exactly how I feel. Don Juan is much tighter and coherent, with a better finale and whatnot

But the tunes in Norma and the way Liszt executes them is just breathtaking


DJ iz largely an intro - theme n varz - n finale which helpz tie it all togetha

Norma juz a zprawlin multiple theme fezt

DJ juz doeznt feel az emotional…tiz mo ‘fun’ den dramatic dezpite itz clearly emotional intro zect

Da :pimp: very clevah in Norma with his attempt to give architectural clarity with da azzending by maj thirdz harmonic scheme, rezpek.

Alzo a bit of psychological gensui by haffing meta-cummentary on da Thal in the middle (and da zcalez alzo tbh).

One ov hiz bezt zong tranniez