Amplitude by Time - Real Time Graphs

Does anybody know a software that quickly scans and graphs amplitude over time? I actually can’t hear volume diffs when playing very well and was thinking practicing five fingers with a graphical read out could help me understand what I’m doing better. Would be cool experiment. Poked around in phone all the spectrograms have too much freq info and graphs roll to slow and don’t measure fast enough. Not looking for real time alone but some immediate history for visual comparing as I go. This make sense?

ur on digi ryt ? zo wud make mo zenze to graph da midi out

zpectrogram givez u amplitude fo each frequency, fo da complexity of da 88 timbre tiz a bit hard to read
diz online one iz cool tho Chrome Music Lab


The core of that a really good idea. I wonder what data elements make up volume shite in midi. Depending on the digi mechanism the data could probably supersede what junk is processed out sound wise. At device level and with available data maybe train for velocity, force and release separately graphically on some sort visual output too.

I suppose you could put Lidar in actual pianos to track this stuff via hammer action.

Wonder if you could track force elements at hammer and key with those shits and tie all together to my thought of an AI processed machine learned articulated hand model to arrive at optimal position and execution to arrive at desired force outcomes while managing key topography in most efficient way possible.

I bet all that show hand fish or something best hmmmm…

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tru da yamaha accouztic dizkunt haff deir own pimped up midi format

MIDI Files in Yamaha’s XP Format
This format captures extensive details on the nuances of the pianist’s playing, and is intended for playback on Disklavier Pro pianos.
The XP format includes the traditional Note-On and Note-Off events describing the piano’s hammer and damper movements, but measures these on a scale from 0 to 1023 (rather than the more-usual 0-to-127). Additional MIDI events describe the position of the key itself, allowing sensitive repetition. The movement of the sustain and una-corda pedals are captured continuously, on a scale from 0 to 255.

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Ahahahah i await da day da ruthlezzly objective AI finally rezolve da age old queztion of:

How to achieve da moz beautiful tone on da 88?

Anzah: play wiz yo cock :sunglasses:

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The AI maybe say fist pump like so…

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