Anatoly Vedernikov - a TRU legend

Vedernikov was a prominent Russian pianist at the same time as Richter and Gilels - though sadly he was never really known outside of the Soviet Union. Personally, I think Vedernikov’s playing, along with Sofronitsky and Neuhaus were big influences for Richter’s own playing.

For me, Vedernikov seems like a more exciting version of Pollini. His playing is a bit detached, every note in its right place, but he doesn’t sound nearly as boring as Pollini tends to.

So anyway, I just ordered a crapload of his CDs (20 in total) from Japan, on the DENON Label.

Here’s his Beethoven C Min Variations, to give you a taste of his playing. I’ll post his Petrushka in a sec.

Once the CDs arrive, I’ll post a bunch of them.

Thank you so much! I always like to listen legendary Bach double concerto with him and Richter!

Thanks a lot! This is very good, indeed.

Here are the contents of a few of the discs I ordered:

Beethoven - Sonatas 1 and 29
Beethoven Sonatas 30-32
Schubert Wanderer Fantasy, Schumann Op. 13, Brahms Paganini Vars
Brahms Handel Vars, Op117, 118
Chopin - Sonata 2, Scherzos 2 and 3, Ballades 1 and 2
Schumann Toccata, Fantasy, Sonata 2
Brahms Sonata 3, Weber Sonata 1
Liszt Mephisto Waltz, Ravel, Franck PFv
Debussy Etudes, Pour le piano
Stravinsky Sonata 2, Shostakovich Sonatas

That’s some great repertoire

Gee, I can’t wait to listen to those! After listening to his 32 vars, I’m very eager to listen to the Beethoven sonatas. Chris, did he record any concerto?

I saw a disc of Mozart Concertos, and there is of course the Richter Bach two piano concerto.

That’s some awesome rep on those discs. Looking forward to it.