Andras Schiff & Montreal Zymphony have a falling out


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hahaha tru da fake knowz zum peepz who sometimez play wiff da OSM, I vill try to get sum inzidah info.

Meanwhile, I vill take a guezz n say da Schiff iz a shit conduktah who couldn’t handle da Bartok girth :sunglasses:

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Or zum genuine zourzez…:trump:

Alzo randomly wut wuz da Schiff’z SDC nickname? Did he haff one? I forget. :dong:

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Haha it WUZ da andraz zchitt

but afta he becummah mo rezpecd

fo zhor da zhapezchifftah :sunglasses:


Shud be da FAKEZIFF.

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Schiff played in Stockholm 5 weeks ago as well. I wasn’t there, but one of the reviews had the subtitle “brilliant as pianist - not as conductor”.

I don’t know what happened during these rehearsals but it seems he became angry since he couldn’t make them play the way he wanted it. Whether that’s because of their qualities as an orchestra or his qualities as a conductor is anyone’s guess.

Haha man wutz da point ov cuntducktin when u can play?

Da ZIFF or HO neva rezorted to cuntfuckin , zpeakz volumez

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The music probably, or maybe some childhood dream. I mean I bought an acoustic guitar a few years ago just so I could play a Bach Bourree I was in to.

He’s not the first to overestimate his abilities. :yum:

Sir Shitt

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Hahaha daim, dis comment on da zlipped dick :

The Boston Symphony program went well only because of their professional attitude and skill. For the Bartok, they recognized Schiff’s inability to conduct irregular time-signatures, so they simply counted and ignored him.



Hahahahaha fuckkkk dis update from da ORCH :

Bazically, da Zchitt wuz a dick so sum orch membahz told him to fuck off :sunglasses:


Rezpek da orch members for standing up to dat douche

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Hahaha dis article. Sum orch membahz zpill da beans.

Daim :sunglasses: