Andras Schiff: Please die....

Maybe I have got bad ears :blush:

da sound qualities is probably throwing peoples off…rec2 sounds clean and newer; rec1 sounds a bit old school (thus giving da richter impression)…people were most likely trying to pick da richter one and not actually da best one…hence da discrepency

haha i voted no1 :blush:

:rectum: :stop:

True, I specifically picked a Richter performance that is in good quality. There are even better performances, but the poor sound quality would have given it away too easily.

haha da meph need to read all postz in da thread, especially the 2nd n 3rd

he’z norweigen, take it eazy on him, k? dey iz sl*w

Yup, Scandinavians are a bit slow


i dun understand 8)

honestly no 1 sounded better to me.

i lol’d twice on diz 2nd page

no 2 absolutely pwns no 1

but no 1 (schiff) has pwned you :dong:



No U

If anyone’s interested, here’s the entire Richter performance:

Live in Milan 1966

and thhhhhennnnn


Pretty :rectum:

haha…damn !!

ur post counts reached 4,400.