Andras Schiff: Please die....

Which Haydn do you like best

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“Sviatoslav Richter, one of the greatest artists, played a lot of Haydn, but I do not think that he contributes greatly to our understanding of the composer. Nor is Haydn among Richter’s strongest performances. (Russian culture and Viennese Classicism are very remote from each other, and it is quite absurd how people in the West are fascinated by Russian musicians’ maltreatment of the classics.” - AndrASS Schitt

So, which do you prefer:

Well only rec 2 is currently downloadable and it was a hell of a recording so I’m guessing that one was the Rcihter. Why do you have Sheeyaif on your hardrive anyway :rectum:

God damn mediafire crap ruining my blind test.

I created the Schiff from an amazon sample stream. I deleted it after I posted it, so you can’t hear it until mediafire starts working. wtf

Bullshit. As far as I’m concerned, Richer’s way of playing Op. 101 is the TRU way, and Gilels’ way of playing the Hammerklavier is the TRUer way.

I did enjoy Schiff’s lecture-recitals on the late sonatas though…

Christ, Brendel retires and suddenly we get an other retard making the world worse with his outrageous arrogant pompous and untrue sayings.

what a dickhead.

like him or not, his lecture regarding brotha sons is dev worth listening. it’s very informative imo but da sheeyat thing about him is that his playing illustrated in da 5 volumns out of 8 volumns is intolerable. it’s contradicted to da fact that a lecturer himself can’t actually do what he told others to do. his waldstein son is a great example to why he randomly screwed himself up.


Yeah, Schiff’s Beethoven is just ridiculously poor… and now I hear he’s going after Janacek. :unamused:

haha I have a random vid of him playing Janacek. Might post it up for CG if can be bothered to rip it.

ill asume no2 iz schiff?

hahhhaha duz anyone else think tha CANDAIN FURY here could spread spread around da world from da SDC hub n ruin whatevah career zchiff still have :rectum:

nah coz the plebs will still pay to see him. It’s a sad indictment on the state of classical music that someone like andraz sheeyat can be famous.

fuckk…moi waz informed dat da dong recital which will take place in china real soon is fucking nutz.

da ticket costs from 800-2000 yuan. ($120-$300)

massive respec da :dong: for pushing up da cost of ticket to a nu level.

I’m not surpised by this quote from Schiff, he suffers from an Übermensch-complex (caused by self-hate of course)

The Brendel is dead long live the new Brendel!

That dogSchitt Chopin preludes performance is a truly vivid “maltreatment of the classics”.



Hahaha the Chopin preludes. This is a pianist who simply should NEVER play Chopin. Same with Brendel, though luckily he realized that on his own after his Chopin Polonaises disc tanked.

Files are updated.

first 8) :doc:

no1 is bezt.

It seems like this experiment was a colossal failure

ahha tru da :rectum: da no.2 ?