Andre Watts Revolutionary Etude

The left hand is LIKE BUTTAH!

(I also like the “punch” of the slightly exaggerated dotted rhythms–very kick-ass)

ahahahahaha da moz legendary TRANZFORMAH vid iz da campy, wiz zum of da moz inzane zpazz octz evah

tiz now harzhly removed fo zum reazon :lib:

Try as I might, I can’t explain why he has a career.

he was the pianist who frequented TV appearance most often.
maybe that’s why
alot of his performance were shown on PBS.

WTF?! How can you say you don’t know how Watts could have a career?! I mean, there are stories of his “pickiness” about certain concert logistics, but nothing compared to DA HO or others. I think his Liszt especially is (was) fucking phenomenal.

hahah tru he playz a gud Valley of Doberman’z 8)

hahha, that´s true :wink:

He played a legendary Pimp 1 wiz da NYPO when he was 16. Dat was his start of acreer. But I respect your opinion, though.


I understand he’s done some things, but by and large his career has been a disappointment.

His Liszt Sonatas on Sony and EMI are flashy, but mostly without substance. I’ve seen the vid of his Liszt Concerto, and it was impressive for such a young kid, but it doesn’t really impress in any lasting sort of way. EVERY bootleg I’ve heard of him has been thoroughly disappointing - especially when he tackles the more serious repertory.

For Liszt, his technique and passion are admirable, but in most other repertoire I find him to be dry and unremarkable.

And while I won’t take back my original statement, I will clarify that I meant that I am unable to understand why he has such a successful career.

there are a lot of penists who you could debate as to why they have a successful career.
I used to like Watts alot but that was based solely on his Liszt Pag variations. Apart from that, I certainly don’t think he’s top level.

after watching the vid - tis a rather dull performance actually, especially the start.

HAHAAHAA da MR. Rogah…wut a legend!!

I may bash him from time to time, but one thing I will always love about Watts… he has such incredible hands. I bet he can stretch a 13 or 14

yes and that shows in the brahms 1st video that he had

that was pretty awesome, esp 3rd mvt

Yeah, not great… but certainly a good performance.

haha da MR. Rogah, a fuckin WAR HERO and tru mofo!

Tiz tru 8)

Ok, the attack dogs are called off. :wink: Except that I think his career is actually not that successful, at least not as much as it could have been, and it was mainly self-induced. He had a limited repetoire (that he performed), was fickle about coming through on concert engagements, and to be honest, other than teaching, I don’t know if he’s doing much of anything other than the odd concert here or there. Hardly the career I would have expected, given his enormous raw talent.


Meh. You either like it or you don’t, but no one can deny those amazing, fluid hands.

And I agree on both counts–those Paganini variations he made in the 70s to this day are my Gold Standard, but apart from 19th-cent. music, esp. Liszt, he doesn’t have much to offer. It’s what I was referring to in my prev. post, he’s def. not the all-around musician, at least not on the concert stage.

putting flamesuit on One can actually make very similar comments about Glenn Gould, esp. WRT over-specializing in one composer (and drawing criticism of “bad” interpretations there as well), not performing after a time, being weird as shit, and generally just tanking what could have been a great career.

Who knows what really goes on in their heads.

being crazy is the new sanity, get used to it.