Andre Watts


I have a CD of Andre Watts playing Beethoven Sonatas 13, 14 & 23.

None of the versions of the albums I can find seem to list the recording data of when and where these sonatas were recorded. Does anyone know?

Best I can guess it was 1987 sometime.

Wrong section bro

Welcome tho


and :jacko:

Those are pretty good songz

AHAHA diz mofo got like 30% tm vibe 8)

Those were recorded in 2020 WHAT!

My copy says 2030, the year that out flat earth was revealed to the masses

I’m assuming it’s 1992 if allmusic is correct. If you asked me 6 years ago, I could’ve asked him at my next lesson haha

Hahaha fuck

Ha! Sweet. He was my fav penist at one point based solely on his Pimp Pags. :stop:

I actually did ask Andre Watts, and he said he did not recall =(