Anna Tsybuleva

Stylish Russian girl - nice to watch, and beautiful playing, too.

Tru, she catches a far amount of hate but I like her.
She’s very nice to look at but in typical Russian style she’s already married.
Saw her perform last year at Salle Cortot where she played Medtner op 22.
Went with two latina girls, one of whom left after the first half (the other one refuses to attend any subsequent piano recitals with me).
So they didn’t share my enthusiasm. :unamused:

Why is that? :confused:

Beats me, I just remember reading some negative reviews of her playing.
I liked her but I can’t say how much of that has to do with the figure hugging dress she wore. I remember she had a memo slip in the Medtner but recovered straight away.

Well, 't is very feminine playing and that doesn’t always work well…

I guess most people just don’t like classical music. Or did they think her playing was bad? Medtner might not be the most accessible composers.

Definitely the latter.
One of the girls will come for opera and ballet but she’s said she’s ‘too ignorant’ for piano.
I wish I could find some artistically inclined friends, something to work at.

My little brother just suddenly started to listen to classical music a few years ago. I have noticed that he loves piano concertos a lot. He mostly listens to piano concertos and some orchestral works but he sais that solo piano music sometimes can be a bit boring without an orchestra. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like solo piano music, but that some of it can be a bit boring without an orchestra. I guess it is because a piano can only make one sound.

Maybe it’s just my preconceived notions… but taking two chicks to stare at another hot chick playing the piano in a figure hugging dress for two hours - I could have smelled that reaction a mile away. Try Plamena Mangova or Igor Levit next time and I’m sure they’ll find this piano thing a really excellent idea.

I think they genuinely didn’t enjoy it, because one of them went to see wonderwoman with me twice and has to put up with me sending her interviews with GG. Also there was Rashkovsky in the second half and he seems reasonably attractive.

Hm. Mexicans.

Yeah, although one is Colombian.