anotha trifonov documentary … d=43620760


8:00 da WIFE cummah! DAIM! 8)

wud u? 8)

Cool, I’ll check it later.

If it’s directed by Christopher Nupen there should be an English version, no?

Goddamnit what’s with foreigners and dubbing?
Can’t they just subtitle that sheeyat?

Yeah man, da fuck…

Da wife tho…

I’m surprised it’s not a HOT jap.

Tru, she’s pretty cute.
I approve. :comme:

Haha da TRUMOFO hopeless yellow fever.
Tru, non-Asian chicks might as well be Dudes. Zero interest 8)

Haha I’m the opposite.


I have the english version if there’s interest.

What do you mean by “anotha” tho, are you saying there are several docs?

I’m interested!
My German is nonexistent.

Here ya go:

Thank you!

My delight.
BTW, gotta agree 100% regarding dubbing instead of subtitles tho, it’s beyond stupid on so many levels!
At my office there are tons of different nationalities working and I’ve noticed that everyone that comes from a “dubbing country” is crap at English (and languages in general) compared to “subtitle countries”, tru.

Hahaha 8)

It was a lot better watching this in English :rectum:
He seems like a pretty good bloke.
Thanks again.

Lots of love for this young pianist, even though he ain’t a speedster, we can’t hold it against him.