Another Bort Etude

15 #9, in F# minor. … 439.0.html


wuts a bort?

itz when you suddenly get up n leave a place for no apparent reason lyk you should have done when you saw diz thread


Hahahahaha fuck

Burt Reynolds

RESPEC … that was very nice

It was nice. But not so good that I will listen to it more than once. Dont het me wrong. The playing was good, but da Bort isnt exactly my favourite composer 8) 8)

-The Mephsito

hahaha, da fuckin meph, critical of every fucin cunt

juzt fuck off

I like it. Btw da bort seemz to get no respec at da pianostreetforum.

haahahaha, datz cuz dey r cockz

y elze wud i be banned from dere? 8)

u haff been banned from dere too n we ain’t cock :angry:

this time i have to use one of da more sophisticated quote of da :comme:

[size=200][color=red]FUCK OFF[/size]

poop :dong:

Whatever blows your hair back; I think his best stuff is every bit as good as Rachmaninoff or Medtner.


They’d rather listen to the same 50 pieces ad nauseum. :unamused:


Koji I am glad that you are open minded.I like that.
Maybe when I grow older I will getto appreciate da Bort more. It isn`t as if I hate him.

-The Mephisto

Da BORT gets not enough respec

I rank him sumwhere in da top among piano composahz

hiz ranking iz somewhat problematic, becauze da CONZIZTENZY of da quality of hiz workz iznt az gud az ROCKY o SCRIB

howevah, at hiz bezt, he iz juzt az gud

diz iz da dilemma we face, da famouz compozaz r GENERALLy actually da bezt, or at leazt da mozt conziztently WIKID n innovative.

for example, da general quality on average, of all of lisztz muzic, iz lezz den dat of chopin
but both at deir bezt, u cannot seperate dem, dey r of equal gensui.

if calculating da average
da liszt iz prolly da sheeyatest famous composer ever