Another Chopet 10-2 cheater

I kinda liked sum of this guyz recordingz—but wow, not even trying to play tha middle voice at all

Tbh dun blame him too much cuz that middle voice iz a bitch


Is all this stuff recorded on a digi?

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Ahahahaha da GENSUI iz dat he make it 5 tymz mo obviouz den it haff to be wiz

  1. da birdeye view
  2. da light zhow dizplay on top zhowin da exact notez played
  3. even da final dezcend HAHAHA diz truly WTF :whale: :whale:

Tru watch da final dezcend handz n lightzhow togethah

Az da ROGAN wud zay

Zum fuckery iz afoot :sunglasses:


Why cheat on this. Piece doesn’t look that hard. Tho I never attempt this mofo.

They tangle looks like too. Oh man I gotta tru this when not working 100 hour weeks.

It’s deceptively difficult. Op. 10 no. 1 and Op. 10 no. 2 are monstrous etudes despite their relative simplicity when you compare them to more dense rep. They’re very exposed, and they really lay your technical weaknesses bare. There are some passages that are just impossible if you’re being inefficient or tense. 10/1 came more naturally to me because I have big hands and can block all the arpeggios. I’ve never felt comfortable with Op. 10 no. 2. If you do it with the written fingering, it’s incredibly tricky. Much much harder than Op. 25 no. 6 in my honest opinion. That piece is the devil.


SDC classic ha


Just what this fuck!! This not easy at all. I practice this last night careful and it gape me single handed.


Ahahahaha diz already legendary!

Tru tiz a zong dat expoze inzecuritiez in all peniztz

Fo eg, if u azk da KAT wut he think of diz zong, he wud juz zay:

Wut iz diz 10/2 u zpeak of? Nevah heard of it. Bring me da zcore n watch az i try to ziterape it :sunglasses:

Randomly I really probably of studied this before raping the FF

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Haff no fear.

Inzta zightrape cummah :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sumwut randomly



Ahahahah REZPEC da BLM interp :sunglasses:


I had to fight the urge to read it with all finger 5 on the chomatic runs. Would be wikid tho…

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Da index finger.
Visually painful to watch.

At 1.5x speed would be ok :sunglasses:

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TRUU! It was like a blind mole scrambling to find its hole when looking for the right notes. I should really really study this. I think it would help my gimp rapes of double note pieces.



The not practicing strategy fails on this tricky piece! Also you def gotta plan fingerings. They dun find themselves.

Planned finish date 2024 nov 16th

I think the Cortot Edition has good fingerings.