Another COQ kapuztin unleazh

that advertizing copy, man. i did NOT write that

pozzibly the worzt time prezzure i’ve ever been under. 1.5 takes for the cello sonata, and the rest of the programme was recorded with barely any break between pieces.

if diz were a cuncert i’d be OK. not zure how i feel about cg unleazh being available and floating about on for yearz to come tho lmao


WUHI? :sunglasses:

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she’s a real beast lmao

unfortunately a bit shit with the #socmeds so doesn’t have a decent websitw or anything. i keep telling her to get on it

and yes i would :sunglasses:

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he maintains a strong interest in contemporary music (Duo Ex Libris ) and music written by women composers


he’s also very interested in music written by persons of color and LGBT persons

(:nigga: n :chop: )



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Badass!!! (I’ve worked on the second cello zon before but that shit was killer :sweat_smile:)

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3’03 ahahaha da zepp uzed to make dat zound on da blackboard all da tym :sunglasses:

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Ahahaha da bezt unleazh iz alwayz zlitely undah-prepared. ezzentially u iz unleazhin at yo own fuck upz n diz authendick fury cannot be zimulated in a well-prepared chill perf :sunglasses:

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Pushkin was black.

Also technically wrote in raps.


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1/8 brotha!

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I thought so!

Holy shit… pushkin african royalty!

Anybody elze notice u Kan play 2 vidz in da thread same time?

Pozzibly it works for mo I haff no idea

u iz neo

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damn, pushkin and da BROTHA were black? who knew :new_moon:

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