another favor, for my gf this time

my gf’s working on her final thesis and needs some more opinions about her topic. it’s about how important it is to know your instrument “inside out” and how it affects your performance. copy from other forums:

So what do you all think what is important about your instrument that influences your performance the most? This can range from name (how you think you play better on a Steinway than on a Yamaha, f.i.), price, mechanics, piano history, types of material the keys are made out of, heaviness of touch (everything about touch in general), and anything else you can think of.

i know these kind of topics RARELY get any serious replies, but she can use all the help she can get so if anyone wants to help out, much appreciated


a pic would go a long way to helping me formulate da answer 8)

Seriously though, I’ll put some thought into this. Interesting question.

tru, i warned her for those kind of replies :slight_smile: respect

da biggez favah u can gif yo gf iz ryt ere :comme:

tru, hating on u is indeed a great gift, everyone here seems to enjoy it.

A Steinway is round while a Yamaha is like a square. This does of course have not have any basis in reality, but it’s how I think. I would be able to play Prokofiev better on Yamaha and Debussy better on a Steinway.

Is this the kind of answer you want?