Another favorite TM fraud target, teaches da Pimp DJ

Go to 41:00

Hahaha diz Miami piano fest director.

A bit Kapsheeyatsky level!




An awful lot of words to say that you will find such passages far easier once you’ve internalised the logic of the lh patterns…

what a whore. Da Ho famously solve this by holding position and sticking with 1-5 for bravura and interloct shits. Mechnically a little easier if you gonna really thwack shit from elbow.

then if he need bass dig all the lh free fingers on the low notes

why people pay these frauds when vids everywhere.

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Yeah, a few ways to approach it.

I would actually do it ZIFF OCTS style n play da LH wuz a legato motion, finger 4 on da black notes.

Kinda like da Chop 25-10.

They hope dat dese frauds (who hold Da reigns of power) will help deir career.

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“dere iz no zuch zheeyat az a pzzg dat iz difficult”

HAHAHAHA :sunglasses:

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When a student (dat is not your own) unleash sum crazy sheeyat, you can be like “datz way easier den it sounds, MY student played an EXQUISITE Haydn son tho!”

N rig dat sheeyat.


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zhorly zhe alzo haff vidz of her teachin da LIB :sunglasses:



Lib Testimonial

“Yes before I studied the method I could play thirds fast as Lhevinne in my LH. Now that I rotate properly I have a 2:30 etude in thirds with gravelly tonality. But it looks cooler.”