Antonio Pompa Baldi gainz ma rezpec by doin a :lib:

neva liznd zeriouzly to diz mofo befo but he gain ma REZPEC wiz diz

I refuse to hear a note after he did dat comp Twitter drama.

I won’t hear a note played by the

Gatekeepers of the ruins of da industry :money_mouth_face:

But I can always leave a comment

Nice to have some espresso in the morning, browse da :princess: pics and seethe in




Dis cumment harzhly invizible fo moi.

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ahahah he haff a bit too much hair fo a mofo named BALDI :sunglasses:



It’s just a misspelling of

BADLY :sunglasses:



Where is czerny mental mofo lately. Hmm


refrezh mah memory?

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What is most shocking and saddening, is the fact that he decided to absolutely ignore the directions of the jury, and showed an aggressive and disrespectful behavior toward the organizing committee and the jury, as well as his fellow contestants and the audience. This disrespect continued afterwards on social media, where he started spewing venom about how this was a sort of conspiracy to deprive him of the chance to win. This is not true at all. In fact, he had a great shot at winning, had he simply complied with the new repertoire limits. None of us had anything at all against him, and what is more, we all liked his playing very much.

Nah, fuck da Baldi, a jury member, making any sort of statement while Da comp is progressing

And diz mini mofo ended up winning da Clitcomp Junior.


Also conspired against here

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